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11/11/15 01:41 PM #80    

Russell Flammia

Right on Buddy with your message about veterans.   


11/13/15 09:49 AM #81    


Jackie Deane

Great story, Buddy!  I was there too on Tuesday - sorry I didn't see you. It was a great day all around!

Thanks for your service and protection of our freedoms! We appreciate it tremendously!



11/13/15 03:14 PM #82    

Russell Flammia

  Hi Jackie &Buddy, 

                            One of the T.V. stations (Channel 12?) did a report on Michael Folland a couple of years ago.  There is a website for all Medal of Honor recepients so people can read about these heros.  

     Jimmie Monteith, T.J. '38 also received the Medal of Honor for his actions on D-Day, June 6, 1944. It's bitter sweet that a high school has two Medal of Honor recipients, but as we know, 

                        America is the home of the free, because of the brave.    

11/13/15 10:04 PM #83    

Russell Flammia

       Hi all, Buddy was speaking about Doo Woo and I just wanted to let everyone know that the Escorts will be playing at Enzio's Sat. night beginning at 8:00.  Enzio's is a couple of miles west of Short Pump and the admission is only $3.00 per person.  Jackie & I are bringing our dancin' shoes, come join us in the fun.--Russell

11/23/15 01:11 PM #84    


Christopher (Chris) Martin


Ever since I discovered this site (thanks Sally!) I have been thinking that I wanted to make a post to the class.  I want to thank the parents of the Jewish kids for locating into that school district so that I had the opportunity, even the inspiration, of attending TJ with Jewish kids.  Like most Gentile Southerners, I grew up with prejudice against the Jewish people.  Most of that was thanks to my father, who was prejudiced against EVERYBODY, even fellow Protestants; I remember he was vehemently opposed to my sister (Class of 1960) dating (and later marrying) the son of Hi Willette, Richmond School Superintendent, because they were heathen Baptists!  While attending TJ, I discovered that Jewish kids were, in general, superior to many of the Protestant kids; their academics set the standard and many of the girls were just plain beautiful!  I not only lost my prejudice but I became an avid supporter of Israel and of the Jewish people, eventually knowing more about their history than many of them.  I was a poor student at TJ, barely graduating, but because of the standards set by the Jewish kids, the teachers pushed all of us pretty hard.  Thus, my College Boards of 1320 were nothing special in TJ but would be considered genius today, especially in the remarkably poor California school system. (But I did get a perfect score on my Graduate Records, so I was still pressing 5 years after TJ.)  Long story, I apologize, but we are all getting to the age that we're dying off, and I wanted to get this said. Thank you Jewish classmates!

11/23/15 03:32 PM #85    


Freddie Hartman (Crouch)

Chris, I also was a Gentile Southerner from Binford, but never had any prejudices against Jewish people. I grew up in the time of civil rights and my father was opinionated about that. I never had any problems with either. I played basketball and softball at T.J. and had a wonderful time. The only thing I couldn't do was "shop" at Montaldos (but I managed to get Weejuns from there, ha). I was ask several times to go on shopping excursions to New York, etc., but of course, never could. I was just never in the "click." The only memory that hurt me was when they chose the best ballplayer at the end of the year and I was so sure I was getting it but didn't, since I was on the all state championship ball team. Broke my heart! (Joan Hume got it, who was a wonderful person.) Anyway, to follow up from you, I didn't make it to college but got married and had 2 beautiful daughters. But I do thank the teachers and the whole school for teaching me so much! Especially compared to today's school ratings. They all were smart, and respectful students with high morals and I have tried to live that throughout my life.

Another thing I would like to say. I was in the Orchestra when John Kennedy was shot (4th period, 11th grade. When it came over the loud speaker, I made a remark regarding Kennedy's shooting because I liked Nixon (stupid as kids go.) Melvin Solomon was sitting in front of me playing the Oboe. He turned around to me and said, "you should be ashamed of yourself." I can still see him as plain as if it were yesterday. As I have watched the his assassination on t.v., what a sad time in history.  I have remembered that throughout my life. He was right and I have always thought about it. I wanted to tell him that one day but I've never had the chance. If you know him, please pass it on. Hope everything in your life has been wonderful!


11/23/15 05:56 PM #86    


Donald Meyers

Hi Chris, Well I must admit, a most surprising post! I'm happy you found the platform where you could finally ''let it out''!
I personally don't remember ever having experienced any direct prejudice. Maybe there was some behind the scenes, but I never felt it. I mainly ran around with a Jewish crowd. Once at Westhampton Jr High I was together with a non-Jewish classmate, we were pretty friendly. Something happened and he shouted out a ''racial slur'' to this other Jewish guy. He immediately turned to me and said - ''I don't mean you, Donnie! '' I remember the incident, but don't remember being particularly offended. I knew that stuff was around. I knew there was a difference. My closest and most secure relationships was always with other Jews, especially in High School. That's the social environment I was brought-up.

11/23/15 06:19 PM #87    


Donald Meyers

Freddie, I remember my Mother shopping at ''Montaldo's'' Was that a ''Jewish''thing? I never knew that perspective. Sometimes she would take me downtown with her to Montaldos. I would sit around while she tried on dresses. WHAT A DRAG!! Also trips to NY with my sister to buy clothes. A special store, which I forget the name right now - O yea,''LOWMANS''. On those trips she didn't take me!

11/24/15 12:01 PM #88    

Michele (Shelly) Penn (Piken)

Unlike Donnie, I did have someone say to me that I could not play tennis at the Country Club because I was Jewish. A few other nasty remarks were made to me. But I always felt those people were too ignorant to know better. I also encountered a lot of racism because our housekeeper was black. I of course, didn't really understand until I was older. I could not sit in the back of the bus with her. She could not take me to the restroom since I had to use the 'White Only' one. And most of all, in 1966 I was an intern at Norfolk General Hospital and was not allowed to touch, on the hand or arm, my boss. He was a wonderful black man. I did go back to Norfolk General Hospital about 10 years ago and found him and hugged him. Richmond was a wonderful place to grow up but some people had small minds!

12/14/15 07:27 AM #89    


Freddie Hartman (Crouch)

Maxine, thanks so much for coming to Gene's memorial. It was great to see you again! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

12/14/15 07:30 AM #90    


Freddie Hartman (Crouch)

Thanks so much for all the condolences in the recent death of my husband, Eugene Crouch. It has been a very rough time, but we are getting through it. Hope everyone has a very happy holiday!

01/29/16 02:33 PM #91    


Thomas Jefferson Grizzard

I just thought some of you might be interested in the work one of my colleagues at Virginia Tech has been doing to help the community of Flint, Michigan deal with the crisis of lead in their drinking water. Prof. Marc Edwards and his students, both undergraduate and graduate, have been working tirelessly to hold politicians and regulators accountable for the needless exposure to this potent neurotoxin. There was a seminar streamed to the Web last night, and it makes for riveting viewing. If you're retired, and have time on your hands, give it a look! 


01/31/16 01:03 PM #92    

Wayne Satterwhite

Tommy, thanks for your post on the Flint, Michigan situation. I shall watch it.


Sorry you could not get to the reunion in 2014. You and I go back to John B. Cary elementary school. That' s long time ago, which includes boxing in my parents backyard, and our ill-fated Astrology club we, Tommy Barton, and perhaps others, started. Would have been great for me to have seen you.


Wayne Satterwhite

02/01/16 10:59 AM #93    

Betty Johnson (Bowers))

Hey Tommy and Wayne - I also go back to those Cary days! And I kind of remember that Astronomy Club!  Hope all is well with you two.  I couldn't make it back to the reunion. I am living in South Carolina (Myrtle Beach) now but  I do make it back to Richmond a few times a year as my daughter lives in Mechanicsville.  My husband and I retired here in 99.  He passed away a little over 5 years ago, but I still enjoy the warmer weather and the no snow, so I have stayed.  I do miss the opportunity to see old friends and enjoy those good memories.  Would love to keep in touch.

02/01/16 11:00 AM #94    

Betty Johnson (Bowers))

oops!  I meant Astrology club!

02/01/16 08:14 PM #95    


Thomas Jefferson Grizzard

Ahhh...the good old days at John B. Cary. Mr. Beauvais used to scare me to death!

02/03/16 08:42 AM #96    

Wayne Satterwhite

Tommy, do you remember Miss Loth ! Now she was strict, kind of with an "angry bird" face. There was a Mrs. Nanogski(SP) who was very nice, lived on Sunset ave, iI think. She went to First Baptist church and I believe she was in my mother's Sunday School class. Who knows why we remember these certain things I


Wayne S.

02/04/16 09:37 AM #97    


Thomas Jefferson Grizzard

Wayne: I started kindergarten at William Fox, and then went to J.B. Cary after we moved. I had a double dose of Miss Loaths between the two schools!. They were sisters, and looked pretty much alike. I know they both terrified me! I somehow ran across them some years later. They lived together in a duplex on the Boulevard.

I don't have a memory of the other teacher you named.

My biggest Cary memory is being a member of the Safety Patrol. They actually had us go out to control intersections around the school! I can't imagine anyone doing that today with 5th-6th graders. I barely had enough sense to stay out of the traffic myself back then.

Another Cary memory is that we sometimes had to hold TJ's JV basketball practice there. Sheldon Carmack was the coach....another one of those hard smoking old time guys! 


02/04/16 03:57 PM #98    


Christian Parrish (Roberts)


I just watched the presentation on the Flint, Michigan water crisis.  Marc Edwards is a real inspiration.  Thanks for the link.  The passion those students bring to their research is admirable and enviable.  I wish there were more visibility given to seminars such as this - a good focus for the evening news.  

07/05/16 08:09 PM #99    

Russell Flammia

Buddy, you're one busy guy.  Keep on going as long as you can.  I can remember Coach Cooper's stories about Iwo Jima very well.  I'm grateful for having him as a coach, teacher, and later as a friend when taught at Tee Jay. Semper Fi.

08/05/16 11:52 PM #100    


Rev. Frank Leslie Bersch, Jr.

Great posts, Buddy! Sorry for not responding very often, lately! Please pray I'll do better! Anyway, what kind and class car do you have? Love to see a picture, too! I grew up with drag racers, Melvin Cary, and Dickie and Ronnie Wilson, as neighbors; and it was fun to shoot the breeze over at their garages, and help out, too! I couldn't go on Sundays back then , but Friday nights at Louisa were fun, with their 1/5 mile strip, occasionally! Melvin had a '39 Chevy Coupe, which eventually was a B-Gaser, called the "Blue Bird"! Dickie and Ronnie had '63 and '57 Chevys, respectively; and later on, Melvin and Dickie had the A-Gas, then A-Fuel Dragster, "Quick Endeavor"! One of our favorites was Sony Mallory, with his '40 Ford Coupe, "The Flying Fatman"! I did get to meet "Big Daddy Don Gartillus"(sp?) at Capital City Raceway Park, one weekend; when I ran away from home! (My Parents weren't very happy with me, and I was grounded from driving, and the garages, for three months! Oh! The folly of youth, huh?!) I'm sure you have plenty of tales to tell, so please feel free to share whatever you like, wnenever you care to! Thanks! HEAVEN's Best to you and yours! HALLELUJAH! AMEN! AGAPE! Frank

08/08/16 10:03 AM #101    


Wayne Alan Freedlander

Thanks for sharing.  I'm a major animal lover.  I have a Dog Walking Business and own 4 cats and a dog.  One cat I trapped and she loves me with all her heart.  I think she was abandoned.  The dog was found in a restroom in a Texas service station.  The owner actually responded after we put it in Craig's list.  She asked us if we wanted his records.  He has a great home although the 4 cats totally control him.  That was a very inspirational story and I hope your life continues to bring you happiness.



08/13/16 04:23 AM #102    


Rev. Frank Leslie Bersch, Jr.

Well, Buddy, I asked for it and I got it, all right! WOW! Never know what will come out when we sweep away the cobwebs, huh?! Thanks for sharing! Wayne Alan, too! I only had two dogs growing up, and a cat many years later; but I've taken care of other people's along the way, when I was house-sitting, or when they were traveling, or sick. Anyway, y'all's stories were Great, and it's nice to still have memories to share on our journeys, isn't it! HEAVEN's Best to you and yours! HALLELUJAH! AMEN! AGAPE! Frank

08/13/16 10:01 AM #103    


Thomas Jefferson Grizzard

Buddy: I hope you noticed the brass plaque at the Marine Corps Museum, on which our own Bob Buerlein is recognized as one of the visionaries who made that wonderful place happen.

08/17/16 01:14 AM #104    


Donald Meyers

Why'd you leave out 9/11?

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