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11/05/16 08:36 AM #167    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Hey Mel Bookman!

Ever heard "Go Now" by Bessie Banks? Yeah. The song the Moody Blues covered. I like it better than the Moody's cover, but then, Dick Clark never asked me to "Rate The Record". haha. Speaking of "covers" have you ever heard of Spooky Tooth? They did a great cover of "I Am The Walrus". Last bit of RnR trivia for today, remember the Chambers Brothers? They did "Time Has Come Today". They were a gospel group, and someone stopped them after a session and said try this, and it was "Time..." and they rocked it. No need for anyone to try covering that one. Anyone remember radio station WEZL?

I had one of those Jerry Garcia "Highballs" last night and WHOA! Kicked the crap out of the bug I've been fighting. Got up this morning ready to ROCK THE HOUSE! Turned up Ron Holdren doing "Love You So" and BAM! That song has a great sax part. I play or played the sax. Another of my "Hidden Talents". LOL I've only "touched" on my "Blue Movie" adventures. Some of you may know Bill Muse. Bill said he picked me out of one of the flicks because I was wearing "White Socks". Let's do it! Those leaves don't look like much of a challenge. 

Keep rockin guys...




11/11/16 07:24 AM #168    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Hey Guys. It's Veteran's Day! A day to remember and reflect. I remember: Jabez Cousins, 53rd VA Inf. and part of Pickett's Charge, William Cousins, 6th VA Cav and part of JEB Stuart's Cav., Robert Henry Cousins, VMI grad and part of the Battle of New Market, my grandfarther who served with 1st Inf. Div in WW1, six uncles (2 who jumped on D-Day) and my dad in WW2. I remember my Vietnam buds! I remember two TJ classmates: Tony Blanks and Curtis Jenkins that were killed in Vietnam and Michael Folland (I hope I spelled it correctly) Medal of Honor recipient* TJ class of 67/8. I remember Tommy Brooke and Robert Bailey for their service to this nation. I remember the DUMB BUTT stuff I did in Nam. Like the day I went up with Rebel gunships to see them test fire and to get some cool photos, and we got a call Fire Mission and I thought, that's going to be exciting and started getting my camera lens ready. I stuck a 175mm lens between my legs - so I could switch. We made our first run, and without sounding like some Hollywood crap IT WAS THE ULTIMATE RUSH! OMG! Norman "Nu Nu" Williams would "wet" in his uniform before a game, but this would have made him CRAP! LOL We began to pull up and BAM the entire chopper shook and we banked hard. I grabbed the roof to hold on and my legs spread (wrong time for that - dbl meaning hahaha) the lens hit the deck and rolled out the side opening and I started cussing and yelling. Just then we got hit again. One of the door gunners looked at me and I yelled, I just dropped my *^$%@!+& lens! He yelled, "We're going down"! Then he got hit and I unhooked him and pulled him into the cabin area. We almost made it home, but coming in the controls went freakin nuts and the Huey went crazy and we crashed upside down. WHAT A DAY! I had a number of such days, and I have the photos from them. There were A LOT of funny times as well. One night on ambush I woke to find A HUGE SNAKE crawling under my feet. WHOLLY &%$#!$)*&+! I froze solid. I learned how to "Power Nap" on ambush, because you have to get a break and you rotated around. To this day, give me 15 mins. of sleep and I'm ready to go. Same as with some other things but... LOL

*If you see or read anyone in the media refer to someone in the military as WINNING an award you should know - THEY DON'T KNOW SQUAT! You DO NOT WIN a military decoration. You are awarded it. There is NO CONTEST! OK?  

12/05/16 07:11 AM #169    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Hey Russell! I want one of those TJ ball caps! OK. I want TWO!

They let me out on temporary release a few times during this season. It's ONLY FAIR! They let Joe Morrissey out.

I could hook up with you some place in the westend or where ever is EZ 4 U. 



12/09/16 03:00 PM #170    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

A SHOUT OUT TO RUSSELL FLAMMIA! I was able to hook-up with Russell today and get a couple of the TJ ball caps. Love em! Even the "art critic daughter" loved the red! OMG!

Russell Flammia - YOU'RE A GOOD MAN! I wouldn't say it, if I didn't mean it.

Did some shopping, because they only let me out for a few hours at a time, and I'm convinced; anything that says, "One size fits all" actully means, "One size doesn't fit anyone"! L.L. Bean had stocking caps and I couldn't get the *&%#$ thing on my head. Looked GREAT! Fit AWFUL! Geez.

Russell, I hope you take me up on my offer on the print. It would be a pleasure to do something for a good guy. 

Made my annual visit to the various neighborhoods I lived in; from Oregon Hill, to the "Real Fan" to Ellwood Ave. WOW! Also did my first half of cemetery visits including Hollywood, Riverview and the Jewish cemetery near Hospital St. It's the resting place for a number of Jewish, Confederate soldiers. Bet some of you didn't know that. Anyone know that the Confederate "Secretary of State" was Jewish?   Next week, is the major "wet day". My mom and several good buds are all buried in the same cemetery and Stan Navas is just up the road.

The first time I visited Stan, at the home, he had that box he worked with his foot, and it would spell out the word/phrase also, for what he was saying. After about ten minutes of trying to remember letters and putting them together I said, "Stan. If I knew this was going to turn into some damn spelling contest I wouldn't have come over here!" Stan started laughing like the devil.


12/10/16 08:19 AM #171    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Hey Guys! That's not me in the photo. hahaha! It's "Dirt Woman" AKA Donnie Corker. Maybe a VERY VERY FEW of you have heard of him/her. I've known Donnie for geez... over 45 yrs. I was thinking about the "Hamaganza" shows he use to promote in bars down in the fan. I mean... there were a lot of "Really Different" people that attended. At one event we were singing "Memory Motel" a Stones fav of mind and that turned a lot of heads. Anyone remember the "Newgate Prison" on Grace St? I know there is one lady, that might read this, if her husband lets her, that will smile and remember the above.

I'm going to post a photo of a book I did about my adventures in Vietnam. But first, I'm going to leave Donnie's photo up a while.

DISCLAIMER!!! I'm not trying to boast or bragg when I say stuff. NO WAY! I just assume some of you would like to know some of the crazy, unusal things and dumb butt stuff I've done over the years - NOTHING MORE! I doubt there are more than two or three of you that know and believe the stories anyway. That's cool. Russell Flammia had no idea I'd done an art print for VMI before yesterday. I had some guy question my exploits, in the book, until another guy informed him that a lot of my "G-Rated" stories and photos had been in various military publications and even a few books on Vietnam. When asked if he was telling the truth, to his men, Gen. George Patton replied, "It only matters that I know." Same deal here. BTW the book ain't no literary classic by any means and for those who know me; that shouldn't be a revelation. LOL. I did it as a release and a break from all of those serious books that never tell the real stuff and the fun stuff. YEAH! Funny things happen in combat; just like the real world.

I guess this would be a "Guy Thing" but if any of you ever want to read about an INCREDIBLE MAN, Google "Don Holleder", West Point grad. This man sacrificed his life TWICE for his commrads. You read me! TWICE! I got to know Major Holleder in Vietnam, but just read. It won't take long.

Since Randy Adams hasn't responded yet, Sonny Barger was THE PRES. of the Oakland Chapter of the Hell's Angels. I attended a POW/MIA family thing in Crystal City and then Pres. Bush the 1st was a speaker and I said, "You're full of s*#$!" Needless to say, I didn't get to hear anymore of his speech but I made my point. The POW/MIA issue is a very sensitive issue to me. All I'll say, and I'm sure it would only bore you; like who really killed JFK, RFK, MLK, MM etc. You guys remember Dorothy Kilgallen, right? "What's My Line?" OK. She had a REALLY HOT AFFAIR with Johnny Ray. She was actually a well read reporter. I never knew why she was on the panel. She interviewed Jack Ruby, (Oswald's killer) and was set to "Break" the story. BAM! Never got the chance. She was taken out of the picture. YEAH. You didn't know that? Why do I say she was taken out? Remember, back then we didn't have flash drives, and CD's to put info. on - it was all hard copy. Not one single note was found on the JFK investigation she was conducting. Imagine that. SIC. Follow up. Marilyn Monroe announced to her friends she was going to "Tell All" about her affairs with JFK and RFK. BAM! She too NEVER GOT THE CHANCE! And like Kilgallen, her diary was NEVER FOUND and everyone knew she kept one on her... activities. And there was Mary Pinchot Meyer... ahhh. If you jump forward some may recall Chandra Levy? NO! She was not connected to the JFK assassination - that I know of. Anyone remember Vince Foster? Yeah... history in both of those does repeat itself. 

Enough boring stuff for today. Keep on a "Rockin in the Free World"... Neil Young.

"The truth shell set you free... sucker", Aunt Ester from "Sanford and Son".  

12/10/16 05:01 PM #172    

Randy Adams

Hey Buddy. You are correct as usual about Sonny Barger. He was the original president of the Oakland Chapter.  When he moved to Arizona, Oakland was taken ove by a nice young man called "Cisco". Sonny also claimed the  title of National President of the club.  I'm not sure but I believe Sonny is back in Oakland and is in the midst of getting old. (HA)

We had some crazy times at the "park" and "Blue Shingles" and the railroad track pop into my mind.

Keep writing, lots of memories.

12/11/16 08:40 AM #173    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU RANDY! Yes. Sonny went a little bonkers after his tour in a correctional facility, and set up a competing Hell's Angels in Zona. The guy that replaced him in Oakland trashed his "Colors" and left the club.

We must remember a lot of "TJ" people don't know "Blue Shingles" and maybe that's a good thing. LOL I recall the evening you ran ahead of the group and I got Louis Caplan and Joe Amory to "take the point" and you came from the other side of the bridge walking like a Zombie or something and Louis fell down yelling OMG... or something. LOL. You scared the living snot out of him. FUNNY AS ALL!!!

Frog and some guys went there with dates one Sat. night and some guys from Lakeside/Hermitage showed up and stuff happened and Frog told them, if they wanted anymore to come to Leo's. THIS WAS NOT A GOOD THING TO HAVE DONE. Later that night when the guys were leaving Leo's BANG, BANG, BANG!!! I think they counted 5-7 shots that hit the door and front window. Luckily, that's all they hit.

I was on the train trussle one day, with a date, (no names) while at TJ. We were going to Blue Shingles and I had this WONDERFUL PLAN that between the trussle and Blue Shingles she'd be scared and more receptive. I DIDN'T SAY I WAS A GREAT PLANNER, OK. LOL As you (Randy) know the trussle crosses the canal and the James, and you have a great view. Well, our view included a couple down on the rocks and they were enjoying A LOT more than the warm day. A LOT MORE! I started waving my arms and shouting. They finally looked up, waved back and con't. on. I thought this was far better than any idea I'd had. WRONG! It was, "Take me home time". I did but not after watching a few minutes more. LOL

Remember that construction job we had that summer? I still remember the supt. name - Carlson! Big red head guy. Remember, when Johnny Johnson or was it YOU and I tried to kill that BIG MOUTH GUY from RPI by dropping that sheet of plywood on his damn head. I mean it's a 100 degrees, you're sweating bullets and the last thing we needed was a guy with no more experience than us TELLING US WHAT THE *&%# TO DO! Remember coming home on a Thurs. and it started to pour down, and you got out of your car and started dancing because we weren't going to have to work the next day. LOL. I remember the first time you served a tennis ball at about a 100 MPH at me, and you, Frog and Johnny McGill (I think) laughing your #@%&*! off at my reaction.

Be cool my friend and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

I'll post another time about the morning we rode our motorcycles down Riverside Dr. and right into that police road check. Bonnie reminds me now and then about her having to get money to pay my court fine... 



12/11/16 06:17 PM #174    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Shortly after getting home from Vietnam, Randy Adams called and wanted me to go motorcycle riding with him. Well, I didn't have any insurance or tags and well... But Randy insisted if we went VERY EARLY on a Saturday morning and just rode along Riverside Dr. it would be cool. RIGHT! Actually that would be WRONG! LOL

We ran into a state police road check. Randy passed. I didn't. The trooper asked if I had insurance. "No". If I had a drivers license. "No". Asked if I had any tags for the bike. "No". Finally, he asked if it was my bike. "YES"! He laughed. I didn't.

My wife, to be, and I went to Chesterfield Courthouse and I wore my uniform with all of my little do-dads and such and was SURE the judge would let me off. Standing in the hallway and here comes "Leo". He was mad I hadn't confided in him, and said to give him $25 and he'd get me off. I said, "Leo. I'm cool. The judge is going to look at my uniform and all and cut me some slack. Leo got mad. When Leo got mad it was time to LOOK OUT! He said, "OK. I'll teach your smart @#%!"

I went before the judge a short time later and he fined me over $300 and told me not to try to get my license for 6 mos. Bonnie had to rush to a bank, and withdraw the money and come back and pay my fine. When we stopped at Leo's for lunch, Dorothy made the greatest cheese burgers, Leo went NUTS! The least he called me was a *&$#@%^! dumb )^&!!! Five people said I should have let Leo handle it. THANKS! If I had ESPN I would have seen that and done that you dumb butts! GEEZ!

I can only think of a few of you that knew or know of Leo. Ever heard THE MYTH that the FBI always gets its man? WRONG! They didn't get Leo. He made their Top 10 and died on the run in CA. A bunch of us were in "Leo's" after playing ball and Louis Caplan was talking a lot and got on Leo's nerves and Leo threw a butcher knife at Louis, (oh yeah. Louis was Willie's bro) and it stuck in the wall about a foot from Louis' head. Louis began to studder and we hustled him out. Another time, someone several of you would know, had gotten arrested for possession and was going to lose his job. Leo made one call, in front of all of us, and the charges were dropped on the spot. I know... I just make this crap up.

Stay turned for the next exciting episode of the Wild and Wacky World of Bozo Buddy. Thanks Randy for getting me thinking about some of my motorcycle days.   


12/12/16 04:56 PM #175    

Randy Adams

ALL OF THIS IS TRUE.  You can't make this stuff up. I do remember that construction job and the boss man. Were we trying to kill big mouth with the plywood? I thought we were just.......oh oh. Never mind.    One more thing about Leo. One day he asked me if I wanted to ride over to southside while he did a little business. Sure, why not. who is going to mess with you. While riding up Hull St. we were getting off on an off ramp. This little old lady was obviously going to slow for Leo so while I had my hands over my eyes he he rammed her in the back, spun her out and laughed as we drove by. He never stopped and we never saw a cop. He was no joke. Leo had a soft spot for all of us and was always there to listen to us too. 

12/13/16 12:58 PM #176    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

LOL at Randy Adams. Yes! Leo was a highly complex individual. Can't say too much here because: A) most readers wouldn't believe it and B) it could get someone in trouble. I remember Leo would take Frog or Ida to play cards with him and they usually came out ahead. Nuff of that. He sometimes would ask one of the guys to drive a car up to D.C. and dump it and take the train home for a $100.00. I really wanted to do that, because mom and I could have used that, but he kept saying, "I don't want you to get into trouble Cousins". Yeah... but I/we needed that money. Geez. One day, this time of the season, Leo pulled me over into one of those half-booths, up front, and said, "Stay right there." Next thing he's bringing me Smithfield ham sandwiches, yams and pie. Who knows where it came from. I only know it taste GREAT!

Randy, remember Helen and Jimmy Poulus (?). Helen give me my first pizza-burger and I haven't had a better one since. WOW! That was GREAT! One day I was trying to count my change to see if I had enough for a Pepsi and chips and Helen told me to put my money away. This ball player, tried hitting on Helen and she yelled, "Cousins! What you think bout man who plays on my husbands baseball team trying to get me to go out with him?" All I wanted to do was to slid off that stool and crawl out the door. I said, "I don't think it's fair" or some other great words of wisdom. There's more to it, but it isn't G-Rated for here. LOL

I also remember that "Blind Date" you arranged for me. YEAH! Hope you didn't think I'D EVER FORGET THAT NIGHT! I owe you one for that. I knew I was in DEEP #@%& when I knocked on her door, she answered and I said, "Is your daughter here"? SO HELP ME I SAID THAT!

If we don't exchange any mail before then, Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!

12/14/16 06:36 PM #177    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Great to have spoken to Tommy Brooke and he's doing GREAT! I think they changed his oil and put on a new set of wipers and he's ready to Rock n Roll! You go boy!

Here's a seasonal story. During Christmas break, a number of us went to a party on Grove Ave. near Malvern. One of the guys had made a batch of "Purple Passion" with like 150 grain. I took a sip and headed directly for a Pepsi. After a while inside I saw this girl that I thought I knew. NO! REALLY! I thought I'd known her from my freshman year. She had some interest in me, but the only thing I was interested in was football. Geez, but true. She had moved away from TJ and was attending Freeman (BOOOOOO) and had she ever changed. I mean, like WOW! I walked over and started talking and I mean she destroyed me. I was hoping someone would have punched me out, and ended my pain. Herbert Gershman was one of the guys I was with, and "H" was pretty wasted, but the conversation got his attention, and he stood up and walked over. He looked at the girl and said something like, "Buddy isn't trying to propose to you. He just wants to go to bed with you." I broke into laughter, and she spun around and took off. I thanked "H" for saving what ego I still had and we hugged.

"H" had on a brand new, blue, London Fog jacket. We piled into the car and were leaving and I noticed "H" was having some problem. Did he ever. He started barfing and used his brand new jacket as a catch towel. We went to a girls house and luckily(?) she and her brother were the only ones home. A couple of us put "H" in the shower, clothes, jacket and all. I don't think it actually helped the oder, but I couldn't be mad, because he'd bailed me out.

So when things look the worst... I hope each of your have an "H" that will save you! I've been lucky to have had a few "H's" in my life. In Vietnam, during a monsoon a black guy, "Porter" from San Diego and I were checking positions around our perimeter and I fell into a stream. It was night and I must have had 100 lbs. of gear. The banks were so slick, I couldn't get a grip and I kept sliding back into the water, and getting weaker each time. Porter swam over, and found me, and handed me his weapon to grab and he pulled me out. We made it back to our shelter and crashed out. Porter had stories about Tijuana involving... well most of you have heard them. It was just amazing that I was with someone that had ACTUALLY seen them - for real. Porter had me go to "The Dump" one day, and it was a day I'll NEVER forget. I don't mind telling it in person, but since it's the Season of Good Cheer... I'll save that. 

Until next time boys and guys. Maybe I'll tell a "Monk" story or the night the "Angels" were my "H". Any of you remember Hababa's on Grace St.? How bout the Back Door? I KNOW there's one person out there that does. Oh Yeah!

12/18/16 08:49 AM #178    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Want to wish EVERYONE a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah or Chanukah.

Now, that's as far as I take my seasonal greetings.

Here's my TJ Christmas story. Perhaps some of you recall the day before Christmas break when some of "the guys" had enjoyed some "Christmas Cheer" prematurely. I won't mention any names. When I went to my home room for our "Christmas Party" my home room teacher, a small little old "B Word" implied that I was "One of the guys" that had been indulging. BAM! That hit my HOT BUTTON and I got up, picked up "My stuff" (thank you Geroge Carlin) and marched to Mr. Brock's office. Mr. Norment (?) was standing at the counter and said, "Is everything OK Buddy?" I assumed he could see I wasn't a happy camper. Mr. Brock came out of his office and I walked pass him, into his office. I recall him saying, "I'll be talking with Buddy". Mr. Brock and Coach Cooper were the only two official people at TJ that knew my story. I was expelled from Binford Jr. High when I was wrongly accused of drinking because I was going to the John and a guy in there had some whiskey. TRUE STORY. That led to my being out of school for 3 yrs. Boy do I have some storys from those yrs. OH MY! Any of you remember the Bobby Goldsboro song, about the young guy and the mature lady? Mr. Brock was very understanding to my situation and why I was ticked off. Mr. Brock said, Go enjoy the concert and I'll put you into Mr. O'Toole's home room. I remember the orchestra playing "Sleigh Ride" and that song stuck ever since. Funny how we remember certain moments. 

Christmas in Vietnam was just like back home. LOL. I didn't get any gifts. Mom had tried to send me a case of Pepsi's* and the bottles had gotten smashed and were returned home. Dad got her to resend me some cans later. I figured they were just too busy fighting and arguing to have had the time. I had some Jiffy pop and Charles Grogan, a black guy from Atlanta, had some Kool Aid and Ron Sasao (Asian-American) from San Jose, CA had some cookies and we got into our bunker and popped the corn and talked sports. We were all big football fans. Col. Rue was passing by and heard us and crawled in and shared our Christmas treats.

*I was always a Pepsi guy. We got lots of Cokes sent to the field, but no Pepsi. I guess Coke was the low bidder. haha


12/18/16 01:18 PM #179    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Hey Guys! I had to look it up; if for nothing more than some "Good Memories", but the song by Bobby Goldsboro is, "Summer - The First Time".

Ck. it out on YouTube. A pretty good song, and for me, personally, some wonderful memories.

OK. I've got to start some Christmas shopping. Has that "Black Friday" thing expired? I'm not kidding. I've asked the wife a number of times to tell me what she wants and so far... ZIPPO! I've given up trying to buy on my own, and last year I got what she said she wanted, and it was STILL WRONG. I'm not kidding!

12/26/16 09:07 AM #180    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

I hope Santa was good to everyone. I assume, of course, that everyone has been a good lil boy and girl this past year. Me? Naturally I’ve been a good lil boy… SIC.

I was having a checkup and the nurse came in to take some readings and such and then she said she had a few questions for me… part of the process. I nodded.

Her second question was: “Have you been sexually active?”

My response, “Yes But don’t tell my wife. This is a doctor patient thing, right”?

I though the lady was going to pass out.

One of the things Santa brought me was a new phone. Guess it was time for the old “flip thing” to go. I asked the daughter if it had good range; she said, “It takes incredible photos”. I asked if it was easy to get the keyboard up; she said, “It’s got all kinds of music apps.” I asked how I can get to messages; she said, “You can watch movies on it.” Well, I’m just hoping I can reach home when I’m on the road at the drag races and the devil with all of the other crap. The daughter said, “You’ve got an electronic assistant”. I reminded her that her mom had gotten all up tight the last time I had a female assistant.

Got a Christmas call from a Vietnam bud that’s into high tech stuff. I’m going to visit him later in the week. He had Russian software before the Demo’s began talking about it. You do know that was ALL smoke and mirrors to divert and gain sympathy right? Anyway, one of the cool pieces of software he has, allows you to send emails that cannot be traced. THAT’S RIGHT! I tested it. Why the hell Hillary didn’t know about this stuff blows my mind. He’s also got stuff that lets you track any incoming emails. Linux is the nearest thing he has to Windows, and then it gets crazy. You guys know the Mentos and Diet Coke trick, right? Well, we did a more powerful take-off on that and WOW! Remember the OK City bombing? Well, it’s easy to make a “Fert Bomb”.

I’m going to post a New Year’s Eve adventure later in the week. I’ve got a script I must finish if for no other reason than self-satisfaction. Might take a break. Don't want to bore you with my BS.

Rock on boys and girls. Don’t forget! If you want to impress the guest at a New Year’s Eve party, Snort a shot of Tequila, and then challenge them to. Oh my! If nothing else, it will clear your sinus passages. Be careful out there.     

12/26/16 04:50 PM #181    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

I may be behind time on this... imagine that. hahaha

Just saw a couple of Rabbi's ROCKING a couple of Pink Floyd songs. FANTASTIC!

I thought they were a couple of diamond merchants out partying, but WOW!

Next we'll have Muslim's converting over because they had bacon on a sandwich.


12/28/16 08:01 AM #182    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

WOW! A GREAT story on Russell Flammia on THE FRONT PAGE of the RTD today! GREAT to see a GOOD PERSON GETTING SOME MUCH DESERVED RECOGNITION! I can't add anything except I feel honored knowning that I know a Good Man like Russell. 

12/29/16 03:48 PM #183    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

New Year’s Eve

The Stature of Limitations has expired… so I can tell the rest of the story

TJ circa 64-65

Everything was set for a New Year’s Eve to remember and it went all to hell in a blink of an eye. Hunter and I had rented a room at the Holiday Inn 3200. We were going to party and then come back the next day and watch the bowl games. Another couple took me to pick up my date, because we (family) didn’t have a car. It was the first night I had onion dip. WOW! Everyone was supposed to have a date; at least in the beginning. I knew it was all over when we arrived at the room and found Julio was sitting in the floor, no shoes or socks – crap faced. I could see there were more guys than girls and I knew how that was or wasn’t going to work. Hunter was passed-out on a bed. I tried to get a beer for my date and someone began pounding on the door. I opened the door, and there’s a girl in the hallway having some type of respiratory attack. DAMN! I let them into the room and laid the girl on the other bed. Hunter came to, barfed all over the bed and floor, and the “guest” said they would take the girl elsewhere. A good move. I was worried if anyone tore the room up I was going to have to pay since I’d signed for it. The guy and his date that had brought my date and myself were going to leave and I asked him to take my date home. So much for those plans.

More guys showed up and one of them wanted attention so he decided he was going to jump out of the six floor window. I was so pissed-off, by then I grabbed him, opened the window and began pushing him out! One of guys grabbed me and stopped me. I MEAN IT! I WAS TRYING TO SHOVE HIM OUT!

Later, Steve Silver wanted to go home and I said, “Let me drive.” Frog came over, and he and Steve were SO DRUNK – they thought they were sober and I was drunk. I was the ONLY sober guy in the room. Steve said he was going to let Frog drive and I decided I’d go with them and sit in the back seat. A short distance from my flat on Ellwood, on a side street, Frog drifted and crashed into 4-5 parked cars. Steve came to and asked, “What’s happening” and I said, “We’re having a F’ing wreck” (SO HELP ME). I told Frog to keep going, and he did. When we got close enough I got out and wished them smooth sailing and I walked the rest of the way.

We met at Byrd Park the next day and Steve’s dad’s car looked like hell. The passenger side was smashed from the front to rear. Someone had the idea if we got some matching paint and sprayed it, Steve’s dad wouldn’t notice it. WRONG! We went to some place on Jeff Davis Hwy and got this “Guaranteed to match” spray paint and painted the car on Sheppard St. The ONLY THING the paint did was to accentuate the damage. I think Steve told his father he’d hit a telephone pole, but I can’t swear that’s 100% true. I think I’m safe in saying Alan Katz and Steve can validate the story.

So boys and girls; be careful making those plans for this New Year’s Eve.

Don’t drink and drive. I’m a lot of things but not a hypocrite. I did that once in 1976, but NEVER AGAIN! I was lucky to get home. The wife can verify that one. She said she heard me get out of the car and start singing a Beach Boys song and then barfing for 10 mins. or so. I regrouped and went in, and didn’t want to wake her up; so I went into the spare bedroom, started to undress and it hit me again, and I found myself drowning in the porcelain alter. I couldn’t eat anything for 3 days. That was when I “Snorted a shot of Tequila”. I was with Monk. That was the last time I got smashed. Not worth it. I’ve have a few beers from time to time since, but that’s it.

Happy New Year to ALL! Be cool, be careful and DON’T drink and drive!

01/12/17 08:21 AM #184    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

For The Inquiring Minds Out There in Radio Land

A number of you know that I’m into some conspiracy theories BUT NOT ALL! OK? But here are some things for you guys to think about.

Did you know that the 26 Vols. of the Warren Commission are in no particular order and the area they’re talking about my abruptly stop, in vol. 3 and not pick up again until vol. 22. Why is that? Also, there was no index created. Yeah. Imagine you wanting to look up something? Well, you’ll have to read the entire 26 vols. to find it, unless you got lucky and it was in vol. 10. An independent researcher did compile an index to the 26 vols - much later.

The Air Force in its final report on the Roswell incident deliberately left out KEY WITNESSES, and used witness testimony that had been discredited by BOTH SIDES OF THE ISSUE. It gets much deeper than that, but that opens the door. The Air Force claims, regarding Roswell, have been discredited. I know I'm a dumb butt, but one of the Air Force claims, didn't occur until AFTER Roswell. Talke about WEAK. Made some of my excuses look golden.

The late Mark Lane and the late Harold Weisberg both told RFK to tell everything he knew about his brothers murder, and that would stop him from being a threat to anyone. RFK said, he was going to wait until elected to blow the lid off. We all know how that ended.

I’ve mentioned “Alternative” software, (Libre Office = to MS Office) that’s available, (FREE) and there are some good FREE anti-virus stuff as well. When I was exchanging views with Ed Snowden recently, we explored the complete removal of an existing AV on my machine before installing a new one. My old one was actually being monitored. We ALL think of the WEB and stop there. Did you know there is a “Dark Web” or an alternative “WWW” that is used by the “Dark Side”? Yeah. My bud recently gave me some insight into it. You didn’t think the drug lords in South America were communicating by email using AOL did you? LOL Make sure if you're ever writing and you don't want anyone to know what you've written - use a felt tip pen. They don't leave any imprint/image on the paper below, that can be ID'd. You should know from Chemistry class at TJ that "Rice Paper" dissolves in water. In case you're keeping hard copies.

I looked back at one of Sally's post and I'M GLAD I DID! I though she'd said one of the ladies out there had, had a "body piercing" that wasn't visible to the "Naked Eye" but I was wrong. WHEW!

Peace, Love and Soooooooooooooooul Train. This has been a Don Corneilus production, in association with Don Cornelious and starring Don Cornelius. 

I'm your annoucer Jett Powers, (porn days) AKA James Marcus Smith, Bongo Buddy, Wildrat6, Bozo, Dumb Butt and I'll leave it there. Rock On Boys and Girls. 

Disclaimer: Spelling Don't Count.  

01/14/17 02:09 PM #185    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

What A GREAT Day!

Thanks to Russell for inviting me to join the GREAT group of folks that took part, in the white board project at TJ. OK… I am a little tired, but that’s because the elevator wasn’t functioning and we had to take all the debris from the 3rd floor to the dumpsters outside. It was great seeing David Satterfield. I reminded him the last time we spoke he was trying to convince me of the power of Zen in the locker room at TJ, and I said I’d prefer an automatic weapon. I can attest, from actual experiences, that the automatic beats Zen – EVERY TIME! LOL. My first time meeting some of the members of the Hope Church and what a great group of people. A shout out for all they do. I thought I was going to pair up with a couple of the ladies that were there, but they dumped me before I had a chance. Geez. That brought back some TJ memories. LOL. Thanks to Russell and Warren for being the “Ring Masters” because sometimes the circus can get out of hand. I hope some more people will join in the next time. It was actually a lot of fun, and the time flies. It also gave me a good excuse to break the rules and get a “Roy’s Big Burger” and a “Real” Pepsi on the way home. Speaking of which I’m going to crank up some psychedelic music, grab my Pepsi and child out.  Peace my brothers and sisters.

OH! Nice going Van Felvey! Your memory is about as long as…. LOL! Couldn’t remember me from the Wiffle Ball game this past fall at Byrd Park. Geez… that hurt. I had one lady remember me from TJ, but she had more reason to remember me. LOL!   

02/07/17 07:20 AM #186    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Well... since I'm unable to see what others are posting... I hope everyone is doing GREAT! I get direct stuff, somehow but... Oh well. May just be my lack of puter skills.

A couple of Shout Outs! Two Friday's ago I had lunch with Alan Katz and Tommy Brooke at "Big Al's". WOW! GREAT seeing both of them and trying to recall some GREAT times.

Had lunch with Russell Flammia last Friday and showed Russell some of my photos to support "My Stories" that may same a bit "Far Fetched". Nope! They're all true. I believe when asked if he were always telling his men the truth, Gen. Patton said, "It isn't important that they know. It's only important that I know," or something like that. Yeah. I agree with that.

Thanks to Rob Bailey for sharing that video clip. WOW! That guy has some lay-out to be sure. I thought his 57 bicycle was coooooooool.

04/06/17 03:07 AM #187    


Donald Meyers

Anybody remember this...

04/06/17 03:39 AM #188    


Donald Meyers

Sorry,the link didn't work, but since I'm here already...






(The secret is in the Seder, don't miss out)

09/16/18 08:36 AM #189    


George L. Scott

I really enjoyed the monthly luncheon at Padows this past Thursday! It was my first time attending since I'm usually out of town on Thursdays . I look forward to future visits with former classmates!

09/17/18 10:28 AM #190    

Russell Flammia

   George, it was good to meet you at Padow's.  Hope to see you at the next luncheon.

02/28/20 03:32 PM #191    

Wayne Satterwhite

I was shocked and saddened by the passing of Fran Ford. She was a nice and friendly person with a great smile and great laugh. In 2007 I coordinated a  family reunion for my Bowles and Satterwhite family lines. It was then that I found out that Fran and I were related. William Reuben Ford, of Goodchland married Mary Bowles, daughter of John Bowles and Mary Bowles. Fran and I both descend from Benjamin Bowles Sr. of Hanover county, Va., who was burried in the Bowles cemetary in  Goodchland, Virginia.  Our Bowles line has been verified to have been in Virginia in 1625. Another John Bowles may have been in Jamestown in 1612 when he came over from England on the ship "George". Lots of circumstantial evidence, but not 100% proof.


Wayne Satterwhite

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