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                          to our

          Official Class of 1964 Website

               Thomas Jefferson High School

                         Richmond, Virginia  




                 60th Reunion Invitation!!

                          Date: Friday, October 18, 2024

                  Time: 11:30 am - 5:00 pm

                  Place: Richmond Country Club

       Please Mark Your Calendar and Spread the Word!

                                   Further Details Coming Later.




Come join us for lunch at Padows' Ham & Deli ...the second Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm...Y'all come!
LtoR: Jackie Deane, Janet Glaser Younce, Sally Felvey Guynn, Dave Saterfield, David Preston, Tom Stephen, and Nancy Grandis.
Thomsas Jefferson High School in 1930s.

Can you find Broad St, Malvern, the track?



Have you checked out who's missing from the list of our classmates who have joined the website? Please give the list a look, THEN contact someone not yet registered and encourage them to get with it and join us! Thanks. 


Jeffersonian” Update. As partners with the Library of VA we'll shortly have digitized school newspapers from back in our day! Once digitized we'll be able to see them on the Library website.

                  55th Reunion Class Photo -- Westwood Club, October 2019



Scenic View of Richmond, Virginia. Photo Submitted by Fred Antonelli. Photographer Unknown.



       Several classmates (Fred Antonelli, Bob Graham) recently discovered
    this video/music clip "When the Music Died" about our era on Youtube. Here t'is for your enjoyment.
           Click the link below, skip the ad! 

This is the official website for our class and it is intended to help you:

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RecommendationWhen you are building the details of your individual classmate page you have the option to keep private almost any part of your personal data. Some of you have chosen to not include a mailing address. May I make the recommendation that you include your mailing address and then just mark it private? Your committee works hard to have an up-to-date contact list. You can help us with this by including your mailing address. (I promise we won't send it out to those nasty telemarketers!) Thanks for your help.




Please help us reach out to other classmates who have not yet joined our website and implore them to join. In the near future, our website will be the only way we reach out to our classmates about class stuff...why you ask? Because it's the most economical, most efficient, and practical of options. laugh
We're planning to set up a TJ Class '64  Alumni Association and regional chapters to help us stay connected. So, stay on the lookout for more information!