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08/09/16 12:29 PM #142    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

I almost forgot:

Don't worry if your Cajun French is rusty: "laissez les bon temps rouler" (pronounced "Lay-say le bon tom roo-lay") just means "let the good times roll."

One of the guys in my recon squad was a Cajun and he was A WILDMAN. I was one of two white guys, but we only had two black guys. The rest were Eskimos, Hawaiians and one guy from Guam. The Eskimons taugh me how to use a knife and I was impressed with their skills.

So much for "Flashing Back".

08/13/16 04:23 AM #143    


Rev. Frank Leslie Bersch, Jr.

Well, Buddy, I asked for it and I got it, all right! WOW! Never know what will come out when we sweep away the cobwebs, huh?! Thanks for sharing! Wayne Alan, too! I only had two dogs growing up, and a cat many years later; but I've taken care of other people's along the way, when I was house-sitting, or when they were traveling, or sick. Anyway, y'all's stories were Great, and it's nice to still have memories to share on our journeys, isn't it! HEAVEN's Best to you and yours! HALLELUJAH! AMEN! AGAPE! Frank

08/13/16 10:01 AM #144    


Thomas Jefferson Grizzard

Buddy: I hope you noticed the brass plaque at the Marine Corps Museum, on which our own Bob Buerlein is recognized as one of the visionaries who made that wonderful place happen.

08/13/16 04:35 PM #145    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Tommy Grizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzard! Long time my man. Yes. I did notice the placque but I'd been given a "Heads Up". Always enjoyed Bob and use to visit and such at the Marine Raider Museum.


Rev. Frank. Those who know me know if I have nothing else... I've got stories. The wife, daughter and I were arrested by the Secret Service in DC trying to sneak into one of the museums. NOT BREAKING IN, but sneaking because there was a huge crowd out front and it wasn't moving. Daughter got a letter from Ronald Reagan on that one, because she had a PB&J sand. she'd made for him. Daughter ran over and hugged the Dalai Lama, before anyone realized what was happening and told him, "May all that's good and holy be with you forever." I don't know who cried on that one, but someone did. She and I built a new shed this summer and she had me paint it in a Feng Shui friendly design. Turned out pretty good. Just a couple of snippets.



My first and ONLY massage in Vietnam... It's actually pretty close to a G-Rating, but you can let your imagination go crazy. I'll post that in the future, for some laughs.




08/13/16 05:54 PM #146    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

I'll have to be careful or I'll be doing one of my monologs here.

My first night back from Vietnam proved to be an Omen of things to come. The girl I was dating before going to Nam sent me a combo Dear John and wedding invite one day. It had no effect on me, because: A) If she didn't care, it was best to find out sooner than later and B) I was going on ambush and had far more important things on my mind. My mom ran into a girl I'd dated at TJ, and had her start writing me - to keep my spirits up. That developed and we agreed she'd meet me when I got home. She met me at Broad St. station and took me home. PROBLEM! Who's sitting on the front poarch when we pull up? That's right, the girl that had dumped me, and gotten married. Now the girl I'm with is asking me, "What's she doing here"? I said, "I've been 20,000 mis. away. The hell if I know." She gets mad and leaves. I walk pass the girl sitting on the poarch and my mom and go directly to my room. Mom comes in asking me what I'm going to do with the girl on the poarch. I said, "Mom. Who the hell told her I was coming home"? "I might have said something, but I didn't think she'd come over," mom said. I asked, "Where's my dog?" Mom said she had to have him put down. I looked around and asked where were my baseball cards, and Hot Rod magazines. Mom said when she was told I'd been hit for the second time, she didn't think I was going to make it home, and she didn't want to see them anymore and she'd trashed them. I walked out front and the girl asked if I wanted to go for a ride. I laughed, but not a funny laugh and said why not. We drove some where and she said she was sorry and I drank two beers, passed out and she took me home. WELCOME HOME BUDDY! LOL

Some of you may not know this, but I was kicked out of Binford Jr. HIgh and told I'd never be allowed back into RVA public schools. I was out of school for 3 yrs. Ahhhh... the stories there. I saw my first guy shooting up when I was like 14/15. The principal at Huguenot (it was in the county then) gave me a chance to come back.  After a year there, Mr. Brock and Coach Cooper gave me the same deal. And the rest is history.

Stay tuned. I might tell you about my audition for John Holmes double. I didn't get the roll but the audtion....  OMG! LOL


Copyright 2016. Rock On.

08/16/16 02:57 PM #147    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Rock The House!


Let’s see if who’s alive and kicking out there in TV land! I can only speak for myself, but I watch so little TV, I don’t know why we have over 200 channels. DUH! OH. It’s a wife/daughter thing. I still watch some college sports, my Cubs and the O’s. REALITY TV? NO WAY! When I started seeing “more flesh” than I had to sneak into the Lee Art Theater to see, I was done with that. The language makes my growing up, seem like I was in a monastery. I do watch documentaries and history stuff, and some of the “Old Stuff” Barney Miller, Andy Griffith etc.

Here’s my quiz for today. A) Who believes Patty Hearst was actually kidnapped and NOT a member of the SLA? B) Who believes that Frank Sinatra Jr’s kidnapping was a diversion to take attention away from the JFK assassination? C) Speaking of, who believes Lee Harvey Oswald was the Lone Assassin? D) Who believes the Gulf of Tonkin incident happened as we were told and was not fabricated in order to give LBJ justification in escalating the Vietnam war?

Next time I’ll expose the “Secret Relationship” behind Howdy Dowdy and Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring. Oh yeah. Let’s everybody get down and get funky now with a wonderful Lawrence Welk and his groovy melody makers.   

08/17/16 01:14 AM #148    


Donald Meyers

Why'd you leave out 9/11?

08/17/16 01:49 PM #149    


Christian Parrish (Roberts)

Buddy, you are something else, dude.  I DO enjoy your posts!  Thanks.

08/17/16 03:20 PM #150    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Donald. B4 we drift down that 9/11 road how bout your views on just the JFK assassination.

A) Did LHO act alone?

B) Did LHO shot officer J.D. Tippit? You may not know him, so you can pass. 

C) Do you believe the "Magic Bullet" theory? Can be seperate from "A" Another time I'll tell you what you don't know about CE-399 AKA the "Magic Bullet"

Some of you may not be aware of this, but when LHO was in the Marines he barely qualified with the rifle. The WC and "Lone Nutters" make a big deal of saying he qualified as a "Marksman". That's the LOWEST qualifying classification. It goes; Marksman, Sharp Shooter and Expert. I was talking with Dick Gregory, YEAH! THAT DICK GREGORY in DC one day. He's big into the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations. I told him I was a "Marksman" and he laughed and said, "I better keep my eye on you then." The WC will have you believe that LHO tried to shoot and kill Gen. Edwin Walker. Problem. LHO was firing from a distance of 40' at a none moving target and MISSED! If you believe the WC, the first shoot LHO took in Dallas was through a tree - THAT'S RIGHT! A tree was between him and JFK's limo at the time of the first shot. Details! Details! Gee Whiz.

There are numerous theories surrounding 9/11; including one involving Mossad. Shifting just a bit Donald, are you up to speed on Chandra Levy's -  rumored Mossad connection? Do you buy the Condit story? If so, think about this. Mary Pinchot Meyer, one of JFK's White House paramours said she was going to blow his death wide open. A cpl. of days later she was found dead on a jogging trail in DC. Her diary and notes were never found. Marilyn Monroe's diary was never found after she said she was going to tell all about her and JFK/RFK. You have to go beyond one point in order to see there are patterns at work.

Flight 93 on 9/11. You know the story. Have you examined photos of the crash site? Go to Google images and look for yourself; there isn't enough plane to fill a Big Gulp cup. IS THAT EVEN REASONABLE? They found more debris from the plane that went down in the Med. a cpl. of months ago in 3 mile deep water. Look at the hole. It resembles a bomb crater more than any plane crash site. Unless you're a Kamikaze, you're going to do whatever it takes to save YOUR OWN LIFE and I don't believe the pilots on Flight 93 were Japanese. You simply don't have time to think, "If I nose dive this plane into the ground, I'm going to save Washington, DC". NO WAY JOSE! When the enemy rushes your position, THE ONLY THOUGHTS YOU HAVE ARE SAVING YOUR ASS AND THE GUYS WITH YOU! No hero thoughts. Just shooting, clubing, cutting and doing whatever it takes. Afterwards, you ask yourself, "What the *&^% was I doing?" And you can't answer it.

Was there a conspiracy involving our Fed. Gov't in 9/11? No. Simply because there would have had to have been too many people involved. Unlike the JFK murder, where a small number could have carried out the hit, and then, they themselves were taken out. I believe Flight 93 was shot down, and we were fed a "Feel Good" story to make everyone believe in mom and apple pie again and in "Truth, Justice and the American way." Rock on Steve Reeves. I think that was his name.

Of course ALL of my questions are open to anyone, but since I'm talking to Donald, do you believe we knowingly left POW/MIA's behind in SE Asia. FYI: John McCain is a total butt hole. PERIOD! I can tell you why, but another time.

FYI: I do NOT believe there's a conspiracy behind everything we can't get an easy answer for. CERTAINLY NOT! I DO BELIEVE, if you have nothing to hide - why hide it? Does anyone of you believe there is ANYTHING surrounding the JFK assassination that still poses a threat to national security and therefore should remain locked up?

Stay tuned in for the next exciting chapter of "A Mad Man Gone Insane". Keep on a rockin out there in the Free World.  


08/18/16 11:30 AM #151    


Donald Meyers

What about Dorothy Kilgallen (of''What's My Line''fame)?
Have you seen ''Behind The Smokescreen''?

08/18/16 12:54 PM #152    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

No Donald, I have not seen that.

There is a book due out later this year: The Reporter Who Knew Too Much; The Mysterious Death of What's My Line and TV Star and Media Icon Dorothy... by Shaw.

Here's what I know on that. Kilgallen was the only person to have had an exclusive interview with Jack Ruby - while he was in jail. After that, she told all of her close friends and associates that she was going to blow the JFK assassination case WIDE OPEN. She was found dead a few days later; unders VERY SUSPECIOUS circumstances. Too much to get into here. She had a known drinking problem. Hey. People can adapt when they have social issues. Being a sexual predator didn't slow Bill Clinton down, right? Here's the "strange part". None of her diaries or notes regarding the Ruby interview have ever been found. She could have been like one of the JFK autopsy doctors at Bethesda and burned all of her notes. I'll cover that another time. That's NOT the strange part. She had given, and friends knew it to be so, a copy of the Ruby interview chapter to her best friend along with some notes. Like to guess what happened next? Yeah. You're getting sharper there Donald. It comes with the aging process. LOL Her best friend is found dead, and no one found the information that Dorothy had given her. Bud Fensterwald wrote Coincidence or Conspiracy, and I like to use that, because somewhere all of this "coincidences" have to ring an alarm or something.

I'm sure you've seen the Maltese Falcon w/Boggy. OK. Perhaps you recall late in the movie when Sam Spade tells the "Fat Man" they have to have a patsy to feed to the cops to take the pressure off them. LHO said he was a "Patsy" and didn't that stop the authorities from looking any further? BUT WAIT! Remember that saying about history repeating itself? I think it was 1933 that an "assassination" attempt was made on FDR, but not so fast. FDR wasn't hit, but the mayor of Chi Town was, and he died. Year's later a leading mob figure said that was the plan all along, because the mayor was putting too much pressure on the mob and he had to go.* A hit man shot the mayor and they planted a gun on some Looney Tune imigrant and no one looked any further. Oh. The ballistics don't match up with the weapon. Those darn details. They spoil everything. 

*Wasn't RFK putting A LOT of pressure on the mob/teamsters at the time JFK was popped? Just one of those zillion coincidences I'm sure. SIC

Ever read on the assassination of Huey Long? VERRRRRRRRRRRRY INTERESTING.

Stay tuned for an exclusive with the star of  "Buddy Does Bombay". You've MAYBE heard of the porn classic Debbie Does Dallas? I made "Buddy Does Bombay". It got Five Stars in my ratings.  That Kamasutra stuff is WILD I'm telling you. LOL

I'm going to have to lay off my "Porn" days stories. But I will say I was the STAR of my Human Sexuality class at VCU. I sat beside a guy all semester. Day before finals a girl sat there, and I said, "I'm sorry, but Robert usually sits there." She replied, "I'm Robert". So help me. I CHANGED HIS NAME TO BE SAFE.

Rock the House and Be Cool Out There!    




08/18/16 01:59 PM #153    


Donald Meyers

You can spare us the ''Buddy does Bombay'' episodes. Regular run of the mill conspiracy is just fine!

Check out ''BEHIND THE SMOKE CURTAIN'' detail about the Pentagan hit

08/18/16 06:11 PM #154    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

LOL... I wasn't planning on going into any details on "Buddy Does Bombay". I'm sure it would have been a bit much for some.

JFK had more enemies than buds. Some of those were the Mafia and the Teamsters. I use to assume, but I've learned to stop. So if I say real basic stuff - that's why. The Mafia and Teamsters got JFK elected. Known FACT. Once in office, RFK went after BOTH of them when he began the AG. That wasn't cool. On top of that, JFK was having an affair with Judith Campbell Exner. Not a big deal, EXCEPT she was also "dating" Sam "MoMo" Giancana the head of the ChiTown branch. Along with other things she was bringing to JFK was money from the boys. When RFK wouldn't back off, Sam sent JFK a message that said, "You can't have it both ways".

Sidebar. A cpl. of days before he was to testify before the HSCA Giancana was shot and killed in his basement; with several shots in and around his mouth. That's an old mob tradition.

Johnny Roselli was sch. to testify before the HSCA and he didn't show up. He was found floating inside some 55 gals drums - in multiple pieces. Autopsy said he was sliced and diced while still alive.

George de Mohrenschildt was sch. to testify before the HSCA - never made it. He picked that time to sit down, stick a shotgun down his throat and pull the trigger.

Wm. Sullivan (former #3 man in the FBI) was sch. to testify before the HSCA and you guessed - he didn't make it. The official story was that a teenage boy mistook him for a deer, using a telescopic sight and blasted his butt. The boy only had his hunting lic. suspended for 90 days or so and for those who think, "A teenage boy wouldn't do something like that" I have 2 responses: A) Look at the child bombers in the Middle-East and B) What if the dad did it, knowing nothing would happen if the son took the fall? FAR OUT? Not at all if you know who you're dealing with.

Donald, I'll check out that book. I've never been sold on the "Hole in the Wall" at the Pentagon. Where did the wings go?

Take care and Peace, Love and Soul Train.... OH. I have no mercy or sympathy for the situation in Petersburg. My ONLY found memory of Petersburg is THE FAIR! OH YEAH! LOL. I was not surprised to see the mayor use the "Race Card" in hopes it would cover up his, and the rest of the adm. and other one's incompetence. Stupid has no racial or ethnic boundaries.

Stay tuned boys and girls and see how much I can embarrass myself. I still have that story about my first massage. I promise Donald, I can make it G-Rated which is far better than the flicks I was in. LOL Later guys and gals. Be cool.


08/18/16 09:11 PM #155    


Donald Meyers

''BEHIND THE SMOKE CURTAIN'', I was referring to the utube video

08/19/16 02:06 PM #156    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Hey Donald!

Yes. I ck'd Amazon and it was OOS.

Was going to ck. YouTube and will be doing that later.

Thanks again. Some times I have to be told twice, before I take a hint. DUH.

Should have seen the guys at Green Top's expressions when I asked if they had any type of personal protection devices that wouldn't set off any alarms going thru checks at a museum. Getting ready for my fall trip to DC and I like being prepared. 

What did you think of the info. on Dorothy K? Interesting? Not?

Re: Pentagon 9/11

I've ALWAYS been skeptical on the hole in the wall. I mean, there's no indication of any wings impact. I have a photo of a Huey that was hit by either a mortar or a rocket in Vietnam. A great deal of it, melted or was evaporated, but there's still more there than Flight 93 or the one that hit the Big P.

I also have a photo, I took, of the Huey I was shot down in. We didn't go spiralling (?) into the earth. I actually thought we were going to make it back OK, but coming into the LZ the controls went nuts and we did like a back flip and crashed on the roof. I'd been taking photos with Rebel gunships and we got a fire mission. I was holding a 175MM lens between my legs and standing in the middle. The Huey made a violent shake, I tried to stablize myself and the lens hit the floor, we banked hard left and I watched it roll out the side of the Huey and I began using some colorful Vietnamese language or such. Next thing, a door gunner grabbed me and said, @$!!%&*+$< that lens! We're going down! I turned to look see, and the other door gunner got hit, and I unhooked him, and pulled him into open space and the rest is history. Stuff like that just happens and you don't think about it... you just do it!

Wishing ALL a GREAT weekend! Next time perhaps we'll go into the day that Mr. Norment surprised me and a young lady... On second thought best I don't. LOL. PEACE!



08/20/16 05:14 PM #157    


Donald Meyers

Sorry Buddy, but no time for long blog.
1) D.K.... loveless clebe, snowed by mysterious out of town don Juan, gets ''wacked''in hotel room, set up to look like OD'd, and manuscript which would blow open JFK ass. is missing.

2) BEHIND THE SMOKE CURTAIN (utube)-many many many problems with official version of Pentagan 9/11

OOS -??? out of supply?

08/21/16 12:50 PM #158    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

OOS... out-of-stock.

Never a fan of "Classic Comics".

Too much can be misinterpreted in condensed versions. 

One must have all the facts before passing judgement.

Lady presenting "Behind the Smoke Curtain" isn't an easy follow. I'll give it another shot tomor. Thanks for mentioning.

Be cool and have a GREAT week.




08/23/16 01:27 PM #159    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

For ANYONE interested, "Let me make this perfectly clear", everything that doesn't have an immediate easy answer is NOT A CONSPIRACY.

Also, if you have an interest on a major topic, YOU MUST read more than one source, and hopefully, A LOT more than one. NEVER be comfortable in simply sticking to those who say what you believe. YOU MUST always explore the other side, or you can find yourself in an embarrassing situation. I've read all or parts of over 400 books, manuscripts, reports etc. Some were so bad, I simply added them to the library and picked up another.

I pose the following questions/info to the group, for your opinions.

Donald, I'm still trying to get through the video. Long and speaker isn't helping.

Who believes the story the FBI gave us on the Waco assault? FYI: the leading FBI negotiator didn't know who David Koresh was, and he was negotiating WITH HIM! I have the tape!

Who believes the story we're given on the OK City bombing? FYI: Tim McVeigh (?) was seen that day with a dark, middle eastern looking man. The FBI claims they found the man and checked him out and he was "good to go". When asked to have the man appear before a congressman, the FBI said, "We can't find him anymore" and that was the end of that.

I doubt if any of you know what I mean when I say, "Ruby Ridge" but you should. The ATF tried to use Randy Weaver and when he said "No" they framed him and assaulted his home and in the process shot his wife through the head, and shot his son in the back killing both. He and his wife won Million $ suits against the Feds.

I have a long time friend in a well known "Motorcycle Club". The Feds wanted him to testify against other club members. When he refused they came up with some bogus crap, and said if he didn't testify he was going to prison and life was going to be hard on his wife. He choose prison, and while there developed an infection in one eye. The Feds lack of response, i.e. giving a damn, cost him the sight in the eye.

I know... another War and Peace epic. hahaha.

Peace my brothers and sisters. Be cool out there and be careful. I'm not the only freak, weird-o around. The others won't tell you that and you have to find out for yourself. Like those women that "Fat Albert" took advantage of.



08/24/16 03:16 PM #160    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

The latest news from a Mad Man Gone Insane...

A number of yrs. ago I was shopping at Michael's with the daughter. OK... she was shopping and I was hanging around the store. She ran up to me and said I needed to go with her because something had happened. She pointed to a man and said, "He exposed himself to me and I want him arrested." This is a very sensitive matter in our family and that's all I'm saying on that. We found a young man that was a clerk and ID'd the man and told him to call the cops. He told the mgr. and the man tried to leave and the daughter and I said NO WAY. The man said he wanted to just wait outside, and the 3 of us went out with him. His wife showed and said they were leaving and we couldn't stop them. BAD MOVE! When the man turned, the daughter leaped in the air and put a foot in his face and said, "No you're not." I thought the young man was going to pass out. He didn't know what the devil to do. Henrico police arrived and the man started to leave and this time the daughter landed a foot against his head and said, "I told you you're not leaving". The cops didn't know what the hell to do... so help me. By this time a small crowd had gathered. One cop ran the man's ID and he was a convicted "Pants Dropper". He said he'd recently lost a lot of weight and his pants, (jogging outfit) had fallen on there own and the daughter said, you should be promoting that program on TV, and the cops laughed.

When the wife and daughter went to court the man's wife approached the daughter and made some type of threat and Cristin said, "I will take you out in a second" according to the wife. Police stepped in and the man was convicted and put away.

Ahhhhh... the stories I could tell. And there was the night at a hockey game; when the wife and I were going to fight 3 drunk men. No kidding. Maybe another time...

Everyone enjoy the week. Won't bore you anymore this week. Have projects and getting ready for some racing that's coming up.

Keep on a rockin!



08/29/16 08:57 AM #161    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Let us return now to those thrilling days of yesteryear. From out of the past comes the sensational, unbelievable stories of one Buddy Cousins. For the record, there are a couple of girls that may read this that could confirm a number of my stories. NO! They were not the one’s I skipped school with or the one’s Mr. Norment caught me with. Those are episodes, though very exciting one’s, I couldn’t publish here. And, the two girls may not want anyone knowing they even know me. Hey… that’s cool. But here’s a name most/all of you should remember Alan Katz. This will show how things just seem to happen to me. I was at Alan’s watching Hogan’s Heroes and we decided to go to the game at the stadium, because we could get in free after half time and as usual I didn’t have any money. As we walked up a cop grabbed me and said, “OK. Let’s go.” I thought he meant to move on, but boy was I wrong. He pulled up the back of my pants and my already squeaky ass voice went up a couple of octaves. I thought Julio DelCorso (more on Julio another time) had put the cop up to it, because his dad was a Sgt. in the RPD. The cop took me inside in spite of the protest from Alan and several on-lookers. Inside I broke away from the cop’s grip, but didn’t try to run; I made a mistake and tried to reason with him. Just then another cop hit me in the back of the head with a night stick and BOOM! I went to my knees, turned and uttered a colorful saying. I have a hard head. Both cops grabbed me and walked me around behind the score board and pass Coaches Cooper and Barton. The cops wouldn’t let me speak and refused to listen to them. They put me in the block house and when the patrol wagon arrived they took me out. Alan and a group of guys were there and I yelled at Alan to get his dad to get me out. I was living with my mom and she didn’t have any money.

It gets better or would that be worst? Depends I guess. The wagon picked up some bum, on Chamberlayne Ave., with a suitcase of dirty ladies things, and he wants to sell them to me. Then we stopped and picked up some black guy that looked just like Isaac Hayes. Some guy was hitting on his old lady and asked me, “What would you do”. I said, “What did you do?” He said, “I stabbed him”. I said, “Me too. That’s what I’d done.” THIS GUY STILL HAD THE KNIFE WITH HIM and he pulled it out. WHOLLY BAT CRAP! When we got to the jail I walked over to the desk Sgt. and said, “That guy has a knife.” WRONG THING TO DO! The dumb butt Sgt. stands up and says, “This guy says you have a knife.” I knew that was my last night on planet earth. DAMN! Next thing I know, there are like ten cops beating on this guy and I’m actually hoping they kill him, because if he survives – I’M DOA!

Then they TRIED to finger print me. Oh My! When the cop grabbed my wrist my hand turned to stone. I had no flex in my fingers. When I messed up the third blotter the cop got really up tight. I asked if he could just let go of my wrist and let me do it. THEY’D NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE! Finally, he let me do it, on my own, and I could breathe again. They put me in a cell and after a while I heard Mr. Katz and Alan’s voices. They’d found Julio, for whatever that was worth. We had to walk down a long tunnel and Mr. Katz asked me what I’d done. I said, “Didn’t Alan tell you”? He said Alan would lie for me. I said, “OK” and repeated what had happened. Mr. Katz POPPED me upside the head and said, “Don’t lie to me!” I said, “I’m telling the truth.” Alan supported my story. Mr. Katz then pulled out his copy of the bail ticket and read I’d been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, in sighting a riot, and a couple of other things.

The trial is another story altogether. So, if you think I’m making this stuff up, ask Alan Katz. I trust if this one passes the credibility test; so will the rest. Mr. Katz was one of the finest men I’ve ever known. Boy oh boy… I’ve missed him and Alan’s mom, but not those hot tomatoes they gave me. I thought my lips were going to melt.

That’s all for today boy’s and girl’s. Remember our sponsors: Ovaltine and Jr’s Used Cars at BR-549. Nite nite now… you’ll come back, yeah hear. Next time I’ll tell you how to get your magic decoder ring and the magic key chain with “Peek A Boo” girlie photo on the inside.


Hey Donald! Had drag racing event and other activities since last Thurs. Heading out to run but this afternoon I WILL FINISH viewing that video and give you my opinions. Hope ALL is well. 

09/02/16 10:32 AM #162    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Hey Donald!

I finally got through the video. The lady has some very interesting points. At times she seemed more interested in pushing an agenda and I don't do well with that. Still... very good.

Note: OK City Bombing. Yeah there is a connection. Several EXPERTS asked the gov't. to give them just a cpl. of days to examine the bldg. and their request were rejected. I KNOW you're smarter than me; so I'm asking you a question, or anyone else reading this. How can a bomb blast, or since we have one, a hurricanes winds selectively avoid certain objects, in their paths, and then destroy the objects directly behind them? That's what happened in OK City.

Everyone should be aware of the fallacy that we "Don't negotiate with terrorist" right? WRONG! We just gave Iran $400,000,000,000.00 and what was that for? Oh. Yeah. Nixon and Kissinger "WERE NEGOTIATING" with the N. Viets. to get some of our POW/MIA's (that we never got back) home. The money was guised as money to rebuild the bombed out areas of N. Viet. In enchange, the N. Viet's. were going to get back our missing men, who were NOT IN N. VIET. but just happened to be in Cambodia and Laos. When Nixon left office and Ford came in, he didn't know squat about anything, and the country wanted to forget about Vietnam anyway, and those guys were left behind. DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR THIS! READ FOR YOURSELVES! I'll be glad to pass on the names of some good books.

FTR: It is a sad fact, that in wars, not EVERYONE is ever accounted for.

How many of you believe Sirhan Sirhan ACTED ALONE in the assassination of RFK? Just curious.

Hope EVERYONE has a GREAT Labor Day but we do need the rain...

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode in the adventures of " Buddy Bongo". The late Robert Bruce "Monk" Vaughan gave me that name. You know the Baskin Robins on Broad just east of Libby? I had a Harley KHKR (?) racing bike. "Monk" took it down Broad one night, past the B-R and the best the Henrico cop I was standing beside estimated was that the speed was over 100 MPH. The cop, who knew us both, said, "That wasn't Monk, right?" I said, "No. Monk wouldn't do that." The cop left shaking his head. There is someone connected to this board that can varify that story. Oh yeah.

Later everyone and be coooooooool and be careful.  



10/09/16 06:37 PM #163    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Drag racing and nostalgia drag racing seasons are running out. Two more big events and one major reunion in New England.

Funny how things change and our likes and dislikes can flip flop. I simply have no more interest in the nfl or major college football. Simply far too many jerks, thugs etc to deal with. I still watch the academies and smaller schools on the tube. Remember when TV was called the "Boob Tube"? Or was I thinking about something else? There was this Italian girl at the last race... well. Best I stop right here on that. I did get to meet some more "Family Guys" from up north. I think I made that "Made Man" thing or else they were just ragging me. Either way, it was fun.

Getting ready for Halloween and I'll be darned if I make my usual mistakes. This year the wife is going to have to stand there and say, "I want that to go here" before I do it. In all the years of doing this stuff I've yet to put anything in the place where she's designated, "Put it over there" and been right. NEVER! Cheese and Crackers!

My Class of 66 is having their 50th reunion this week. Hooray. One of my "Class of 66" buds, there are just a VERY FEW; may not want me to mention him, but I think he's going to get a Porsche and we're going to make a few loops around the place and then drive out to Collegiate (where he and I actually finished our secondary ed.) and have a couple of Rolling Rocks and kick back. Two's our limit.

Peace to all and keep on a rockin in the FREE world... while it's still FREE!


10/12/16 08:26 AM #164    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins


Hope you're out and about VERY SOON! And keep on a rockin and rollin my man!


10/14/16 07:41 AM #165    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Crazy Butt Week!!! All I can say is WOW!!!

Monday had an eye exam and that was "Eye Opening". hahaha. After driving the nurse to screaming, I was ck'ing out some new frames, waiting for the drops to take affect or effect and the sales lady informed me my present glasses didn't have any anti-glare feature. I debated briefly and was called into the docs office to finish up. He asked if I had noticed anything since the last visit. I said, when I starred at the last full moons I saw two of them. He said, "That's because you don't have any anti-glare feature on your glasses." DUH! Now I'm shopping for new frames.

I was assisting my wife in putting up Halloween decorations and I just stepped down and BAM... I knew something was wrong. Been treating the knee since. I took some old cocaine or oxycodine or something the first night for the pain, and  it made me sick, and goofy. OK... how could I tell that. hahaha. 

That same day, I was trying to water in the new grass seed and got wet. It was cool and I should have changed right-a-way but OH NO. NOT ME! Next day sinus infection, nasal stuff and... Went to the doc yesterday and getting ready to leave and he said, you might want to sleep with something warm against your chest. I said, "I'd love to, but my wife would get pissed off if she found out." Apparently those "Stany" countries have a different sense of humor cause he became a deer in the headlights. I thought I'd ease the language barrier by saying, "You know... that Karma Sutra stuff." DIDN'T HELP.

I hope he doesn't get upset, with me, but Tom (AKA Tommy) Brooke recently had that hip replacement thing, and coming up REAL SOON he's going to have another procedure. Keep Tom/Tommy in your thoughts.

Everyone keep on a rockin.   


11/04/16 08:21 AM #166    


Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Hey Guys! Been kinda bummed with a knee injury and a bug that just won't leave. Drag racing is over for the year. OH! Decided to change my profile pic. That's one of the prints I did. I did the original as a surprise gift for Stan Navas on his 50th B-Day. That was a night! Hey! There was another side of me back in the day. LOL. Most thought I was ONLY INTERESTED IN SCORING...touchdowns! I'm talking touchdowns here. The porn films came after I got back from Nam.* I guess it was art that got me and wife together. She was a concert violinist and vocalist. OK. So I just knew all of the Jefferson Airplane. Maybe it was that she could dunk a basketball and lift more weights than I could. Anyway, it had to be something.

When I was being initiated into Hi-Y II I was asked how far I'd been with a girl. I tried explaining it in "baseball terms" but Mike Kuper and Andy Leake insisted I tell more and I blurted out, "Sexual Intercourse"! I thought our sponsor (Mr. Shifflett I think) was going to pass out! It was a HOOT!

*Tommy Brooke, a reliable source, (SIC) can varify one of my stories. I ran into Tommy in Bangkok, in some bar and I was with two young ladies and I don't know what surprised him the most: A) my running into him or B) the two girls that were all over me. 

Have a GREAT weekend! Take care, be cool and keep on a rockin!


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