In Memoriam

Mary Ellen Rhodes

We lost Mary Ellen to cancer on February 23, 2005.

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08/29/14 12:35 AM #1    

Rev. Frank Leslie Bersch, Jr.

She was in the original 30 kids in 1951 at Westhampton, along with me, who went all the way through there and TJ together; for the most part. She was the second fastest girl-runner in the class, next to Jane Armstrong; and I was the second fastest boy-runner, next to Jimmy Black, but she was still faster than me! She was always a real sweet-heart; friendly and nice to everyone; just like all of the girls, and most of the boys in our class. I remember when we played together, running through a field next to her house down the street, where I fell on a metal can-lid, and still have the scar to this day; and her coming to the door when I was collecting on one of my paper-routes years later. She helped chase me down with Jane in the second grade; holding me so Jane could kiss me goodbye; since she was moving away, and I had a big crush on her, and was always chasing her on the playground( I was so dense!). I always liked Mary Ellen, but never had a crush on her, and don't think she had one on me, either. We were just good friends, and I've often wondered about her over the years; even recently. We were all so innocent back then, and we'll always miss her down here. HEAVEN is Brighter, though!

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