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Chris Browning

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04/11/23 06:54 PM #1    

Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins


What can you say when you don’t know the words? Chris Browning was more than “Just A Friend”. Without his help WE would NEVER have graduated from TJ or was that Collegiate? Ummm. We both needed two classes to graduate from “TJ” and Collegiate was the only school that offered two courses in summer school. Chris drove down to Ellwood Ave. EVERY DAY that summer to pick me up and take me to and from Collegiate. OK. So, I did some of his homework for him. No big deal. After graduating, (our last day at Collegiate) we had a beer at “Phil’s”. I should have been in the class of 63 or 64, because I was kicked out of school for three years and ended up in the class of 66. When that class had it’s 50th reunion some girl/woman posted that if you didn’t walk across the stage at Dogwood Dell, you shouldn’t be attending. I told Chris and in his usual way he said… *&^#!%^&@+!!! So, he borrowed a Turbo Porsche 911 from his business partner, and we rode around the block where the reunion was, drinking Rolling Rocks and blowing the horn. I missed Chris’ last call, because I was in the hospital, but we’ve saved it… “Hey old fart. I’ll be over to pick you up and take you to your test… like the old days.” RIP Chris. I miss you.

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