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Andy Leake

Andy Leake

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Andy was "one of a kind" for certain. Brilliant. Hillariously funny. Energetic. And so much more. I will remember Andy as one of our outstanding class leaders. He is truly missed.

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04/09/14 11:25 PM #1    

Buddy Mawyer

Andy was tops! played sports with him from 7th grade at Albert Hill thru 12th grade at TJ. many fond memories (mostly funny) but he could be serious when necessary. He played quarterback ai Albert Hill. He set up a play that coach Pritchard was unaware of..Andy called it "The Hiney Brest Special".when we ran it coach Pritchard was not a happy camper! A very special guy on and off the field. What a loss!

06/29/14 07:18 PM #2    

Fred Antonelli

Andy was a great scholar, outstanding athlete, and a very humorous fellow.  A real character in the best sense of the word.  So tragic that he was taken too soon.  Rest peacefully, Andy.

09/22/14 08:57 PM #3    

Susan Purcell (Cottrell)

Andy was a very special guy in every way . . . great athelete, great sense of humor, over the top smart, engaging and funny . . . fond memories of him playing football at Hill and TJ . .

09/29/14 06:28 AM #4    

Randall Fortune

Andy was my best friend throughout my days in Richmond. We started school together at Albert Hill. When Hill was converted to a Junior High, we went to R. E. Lee together. We played on the Lee baseball team and won the city championship in the 6th grade. Andy was the best pitcher in the city at that time, throwing fast balls few could hit and an awesome curve plus he batted clean up. Incidentally, that team had at least one player who drove his car to the games! During Junior High, back at Hill, he continued his mastery. He also started excelling in football. At TJ, he was captain of both the football and baseball teams. He played both sports at Hampton Sydney College.

He was quite smart. We competed with one another on grades. That competition taught me good study habits which have served me well in my career. He attended MCV where he graduated first in his class.

Andy's humor was also over the top, at times even quite bawdy. In fact, the bawdy ones are all that I still remember, so I won't cite any.

Andy's loss is clearly one the Class of '64 has had to endure. He was our leader and class icon. Beyond that, his loss was generational, because of all the good that we missed out on by his early departure!

09/29/14 12:39 PM #5    

Willie Caplan

andy, was one hell of a man. i remember i fix him and mike kuper up a less just say it was a day to remember. not only was he smart as any person that i know, he beat me out as the whittiest( i think that is how u spell it) of high school. a great athlete, a wonderful doctor at mcv. i will always be thankful to know such a wonderful person, who should as well as mike kuper , be at our 50 th reunion. i miss them both. willie

09/30/14 11:13 PM #6    

Betty Lee Davis

Randy, I had the good "fortune" of being put in the midst of you and Andy, the "dynamic duo," which you remained forever [your antics only increased with time!] in the 4th grade at Hill School, in Ms. Nest's class.  Do you recall?  Like you and others of us, I journeyed over to Robert E. Lee for the 5th and 6th grades.  Susan Williams,Jim Edge, and Hy Schwartzberger were in the 4th grade class with us.  Do you remember the reading circle?  While I liked Ms. Nest, my love of  reading was discouraged by her as I would wave my hand eagerly to read and she would always call on Jim and Susan. They were from the "North" [Pennsylvania, maybe New York/New England, too], As a 9 year old, I always thought she preferred their "northern" accents over mine, but they were also very bright. I have a photograph of you and Andy in that class with him on the front row, I think, and you behind him, if I remember correctly.  Our histories go back a ways!  We lost some of our Hill School group to George Wythe {Jim Edge recovered one of them!]. The bigger lot of us folded in at Tee Jay with the Westhampton group to form the class of '64. My closest friends at Lee/Hill were Mary Ellen Brannan, Dyan Kelly, Anne Abell, Sharon Smith, Jackie Harwood, and later, at Hill, Susan Trainer.  They were in the half year that moved up when "high" and "low" were eliminated.  They always "broke the path" for me going from Lee to Hill and then, Hill to Tee Jay and then, they "left me behind" when they graduated, and each time sadness would turn into delight getting to know those in my own grade even better!

Andy was a very special person, gifted and excelling in so many ways, including his endless "stream of comic" humor, whose life was cut too short.  You were his equal.  Together, you made quite a pair!!    

10/01/14 08:33 AM #7    

Randall Fortune

Betty Lee,

Thanks for your kind thoughts. You are correct that Andy was one-of-a-kind! By the way, do you have any idea where Susan Williams ended up? She's listed as one of the missing.  She was the prettiest girl at Hill! It would be nice to get her to attend this reunion.

10/02/14 01:04 PM #8    

Betty Lee Davis

I am glad the class of '64 can still count on you to be on the lookout for the pretty girls!  I don't know what happened to her.  My recollection is that she went to Wellsley College.  I know her family moved at some point and then came back.  I am not remembering if she left before we graduated or left and came back and then graduated. She and Diane Page were good friends at one point. I don't know if she would know where she is now.

10/09/14 08:50 PM #9    

Dyan Kelly

A Renaissance Man in a comic disguise. The world lost a most valuable player way too soon.

Dyan Kelly


10/28/15 12:37 PM #10    

Earl E. (Buddy) Cousins

Miss you Andy! So many funny stories, both sports and the "real world". Remember playing ball game and I'm in right field and you're (Andy) pitching and Spud and I were still arguing over if I got a hit or not, and you're (Andy) sitting down on the pitching rubber, blowing your nose, and yelling at me to catch the ball if it's hit to me. Then at Freeman when I was trying to punch some guy and Spud wanted to leave me, and you wouldn't let him on the team bus. The night I took you and Mike Kuper to my aunt and uncle's place on Oregon Hill, to get you guys some whiskey. That was so damn funny. Yeah. I can say it now, that attactive lady that walked up and kissed me was my aunt. OK. Now you know the rest of the story. Miss you my man, and all of your craziness.

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