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Judy Breit (Hill)

Judy Breit (Hill)

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06/27/14 09:36 AM #2    

Mary Thrift (Winslow)

I ran into Judy at a Norfolk Academy swim meet around 1995, I think.  Our family life was more than a little chaotic at that point, and I regret to this day that I didn't make time to follow up and get together with her. Not long afterwards I heard that she had a form of either leukemia or lymphoma and had died.

The summer before our senior year, Judy and I did summer school in the mornings at TJ, then rode the incredibly hot and slow bus down Broad Street to MCV, where we worked in different labs (air conditioned!!!) in the afternoons.  I also remember a wonderful mural of a dragon she painted for prom decor - we called him Puff the Magic Dragon ... hmmm...

06/27/14 10:07 PM #3    

Lin Snowa

Mary, Thanks for your information. Judy was indeed a wonderful person. Dave, glad you asked the question. Looking forward to the reunion. Lin

06/30/14 06:39 PM #4    

Linda Suzanne Baker (Owen)

She died of lung cancer, she who never smoked! She was living in Virginia Beach, near the ocean.  It was fairly fast.  She had two sons; her husband remarried and I have lost touch with him.

07/02/14 09:32 AM #5    

Mary Thrift (Winslow)

Linda, thanks for providing more accurate information.  My original info was 3rd or 4th hand from teenaged swimmers who were friends of one of Judy's sons.

07/02/14 09:18 PM #6    

Barbara Ellen McCoy (Powers)

Dave, Linda, and Mary,

Thanks for the update on Judy Breit Hill. I remember her as a really nice and helpful student who always seemed to have a smile. Barbara Powers


07/03/14 12:06 PM #7    

Linda McKeel (Royster)

Judy and her husband, Grover, and her 2 sons, Jason and Justin, lived on the same street as our beach cottage in Virginia Beach.  Judy did die from cancer.  Her husband remarried again about 3 or 4 years ago and this past year moved to the eastern shore of Virginia.  He still maintains, a dental practice in Norfolk or at the beach.  Jason, the oldest son, was in the military, but I'm not sure what he is doing now..  Justin has graduated or will graduate soon from Virginia Tech in engineering. Judy would be proud of her sons.  Both are nice and smart just like their mother.  Linda McKeel Royster

07/08/14 09:07 AM #8    

Freddie Hartman (Crouch)


07/09/14 09:43 AM #9    

Sally Felvey (Guynn)

Pat Randall was Lil Jeff our senior year. I can't remember exactly but am thinking that the Lil Jeffs were always seniors.

07/10/14 01:14 PM #10    

Dave Riley


I believe you are thinking about Helene Viener who was Li'l Jeff the year before us.

She and Judy were similar in appearance.

07/15/14 08:41 AM #11    

Freddie Hartman (Crouch)

Thank for telling me. I didn't know Lil Jeff personally, but I remember she was an excellent one; very cheery and she brought a lot to the pep rallies, which I never missed!

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